”RONDO” Shopping Centre is an eco-friendly building managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development policy. The evidence for the above is the ecological Breem-In-Use Certificate issued to the shopping centre with the rating “very good” both in the category Asset Rating (Building’s ecological characteristics) and Building Management (Building’s management). “RONDO” Shopping Centre makes every effort to meet the highest ecological standards set to retail and service buildings. The implemented technical solutions contribute to savings in utilities consumption and minimized losses of energy. Optimized operation of technical devices which ensure comfort of trading contribute to increasingly better results achieved both in terms of retail and technical costs. “RONDO” Shopping Centre is committed to modernity, optimization and ecology. “RONDO” is eager to support local ecological initiatives, e.g. Bydgoszcz’s Energy Days or the “Wear your home” campaign organized by Fundacja Eklogiczna ARKA.

The RONDO Shopping Center offers customers bicycle parking for at least 46 bikes.